Three Quick Content Marketing Fixes to Triple Your Conversions in 2018

Every business owner or content manager wants to see their content marketing do more of just one thing—convert prospects.

They imagine that the ultimate goal of paying top dollar to create bespoke content is to reach, engage, and convert new customers.

They’re right!

But there’s just one problem.

Too many businesses are producing too much content as a means to achieve this end, and that’s why their content marketing efforts fail.

They’re missing one important aspect—value creation.

Every potential customer wants value: either for free or for money.

The Art of Value Creation through Content

Let’s face it—content for the sake of content fails. Only content that creates value coverts.

Whether you admit or choose to ignore it, once it comes down to making the purchase, buyers are likely to buy from a company that creates value upfront through content.

For example, a company may be having a hard time implementing business process management (BPM) so that successful processes are repeatable. A Google search by the operations manager leads to the discovery of a white paper on BPM that is usable and actionable.

After reading, the manager shares the document with other decision makers and everyone finds it useful and are eager to sign up for a free trial of the company’s process management software. And if the trial proves invaluable, the software company closes the sale.

That’s value creation. It is about creating content that resolves customers’ pain points and takes them through the buying cycle.

The example may seem a little hypothetical but it isn’t far from the reality for top-selling content marketers.

Neil Patel, for example, is a maestro at the art of value creation through content.

But to consistently create such content of value that effectively converts website visitors into paying customers, your content marketing needs these three quick fixes.

1. Strategy

Content marketing is like darts game.

Creating content without a strategy is like playing darts game without a dartboard. You’re always going to miss the target because there’s no target in the first place.

For your content marketing to succeed in 2018, you need to pin down a strategy. A strategy will show clearly what your business objectives are and who are you trying to reach.

And when you’re clear on whom you are trying to reach, the content you create becomes aimed at resolving the paint points of that person, prompting desired actions until you hit the bulls-eye—make the sale.

2. Analytics

Content marketing is all about the result, right? It is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners and content managers to justify their content marketing spend.

It is not enough to have a strategy; you also want to see the numbers, the patterns and the aspects to improve on. All these are domiciled in the data.

Let your content marketing plan for 2018 include verifiable metrics that can show you where your customers are in the buying cycle.

3. Humane Technology

Deploying marketing technology as part of your content marketing mix is inevitable. But we’ve seen in the past few years, technology without a humane side can actually hurt more than it helps.

In 2018, your content marketing automation should enhance the process not lead it. Use marketing automation and conversation tools to create an even more personalised user experience on your website.

Let your content continue to speak directly to that individual your business is trying to reach and keep the conversation on even after conversion.

Need a content strategy? It’s not too late to get one! Contact me and let’s set up a Skype call to discuss your objectives.

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