How to Market Your Business Passionately (Even If You Hate Marketing)


“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.” – David Packard, co-founder, Hewlett-Packard

As a business owner, you’re probably familiar with David’s truthful but unpleasant quote. It hits you every other day and deep inside you wish you can wish it away.

But you can’t.

You know you have to be actively involved in marketing your business or risk running out of business–and this has become a pain point for you.

Moreover, you’ve probably said to yourself, “I don’t have the skills to do marketing” or “marketing is not for me”.  Then it gets worse–you feel incapacitated by marketing.

However, that doesn’t have to be you anymore.

Here’s how to market your business passionately even if you hate marketing.

1. Remember why you’re in business

As simple as this may seem, many business owners tend to forget the very reason they’re in business. At the start of their business, they wanted to help XYZ people live healthier by using their product ABC.

However, few years down the line the average business owner is bothered by how many of product ABC they can sell rather than how many XYZ people they can help.

Did you notice the difference?


Like Simon Sinek said: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Remembering the essence of your business can immediately transform how you perceive marketing.

When you let the why of your business stay top of mind, you see the reason to reach out to as many people with problems your service or product can solve in exchange for money.

Not only that, remembering the reason you’re in business helps you clearly visualize your target market. You are then able to picture who they are, where they are, how best to reach them and why you must reach them even if you don’t want to.

2. Take your solution to the market, don’t market it.

Marketing is no longer about announcing to those who need your product that you have a solution. It is about taking your solution to them.

For example, if you were to be a doctor at the scene of an accident, would you stand by and tell someone to go tell the accident victims you can help them? No, you instantly want to rush to the victims and help them right there and then, albeit in the smallest way possible–regardless of whether or not they have the money to pay you.

It’s the same with your business. The needs of your target market are emergencies. You want to take your business’s solutions to the target market.

The goal is to put your solution to their problems right in front of them.

3. Go ahead and solve the problem

Let’s say you remember you’re in business to solve problems and not to sell products or services. You also know you have to take your solutions to the market. What next?

Solve the problem(s).
The biggest marketing you can do is not to get one person to purchase a million dollar solution. It is to get 1 million people to buy a dollar worth of solution that solves their 1 million dollar problem.

That is the big secret of the world’s richest businesses.

For instance, it may cost you only a dollar to purchase small internet data to access Google. But that one dollar (although not paid to Google directly) can solve your million dollar problem through the information Google search provides. This is why millions of people use Google daily and it is how the company makes billions through ad revenue.

Meanwhile, this has nothing to do with pricing your product or services low, no. It is about solving the problems of your target market even before they eventually purchase your product and services.

It is also about making your products and services a solution your target market can’t do without. Take Google again for an example.

So, whether it is a free trial, product sampling or some helpful content, you want to make sure you’re genuinely solving a problem for your target market even before they buy from you.

The bottom line is…

You’re the first and most trusted marketer of your business. It’s okay to dislike it but by following these simple tips you’d be able to ignite an undying marketing fire in your team.

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