Hire a Content Writer Who Understands Your Customers

For most business owners, finding an excellent content writer for their business can be draining. But now that you’re here, your search is over.

I can help you create epic content that:

  • Ranks your business for your target keywords
  • Attract more customers
  • Build customer relationship
  • And close more sales

My content services include:

Crafting a content strategy

Do you know who your ideal customers are?

What are the challenges your customers are facing?

What is your primary value proposition to your customers? Why would they choose you ahead of your competitors?

What product or services are you selling?

If you’re unable to answer any/all of those questions with clarity then you need a content strategy asap.

Hire me to help you craft a content strategy that’ll pilot your content marketing efforts and get results.

Writing blog/guest posts that inform, engage and converts

Does your company website have a blog?

Well, most forward-thinking businesses have a blog on their website but there’s only one problem:

99% of such businesses publish company news and mediocre blog posts. The result? Zero customer attraction and engagement.

But the top 1% companies blog differently. They create compelling blog posts to keep customers coming back to their website.

That’s not all they do. Top business owners guest post!

By guest post, I mean publishing unique content on top blogs within their industry. This makes them look smart, sends back quality leads to their website or helps them grow their email list.

And the result is double-edged: happy customer; happy business bottom line.

That’s what excellence in business is about.

You too can achieve business excellence through content marketing. Hire me to write excellent blog posts that get results.

Writing guides, brochures, case studies and white paper for b2b companies

Make no mistake about it b2b content marketing is hard.

It is about being able to convince a group of decision-makers to make a collective decision in your favor.

Whew! That’s no small task.

It is why b2b companies create unique types of content:

  • Product/service guides
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • White paper etc

They do it with one goal in mind:

To attract decision makers and make the purchasing decision easier and well informed.

No one wants to make an uninformed business decision, right?

That’s where I come in.

Hire me to help you create these types of content that converts decision makers into raving fans.

Not sure where to begin with content marketing? Book a free 15mins consultation with me here.