I know what you’re thinking: “who is this guy?”

I’m Paul Osas – a ruthless labourer in the pursuit of excellence in life and business.

My life

My life has been a journey of failed attempts and failures to attempt.

Like most people, I didn’t have life all figured out. And schooling for a university degree didn’t make much difference. Job after job, yet nothing could fill the void in my heart and head.

I got burned, lost and unfocused.

Conferences, books and friends weren’t helping.

Time didn’t heal me either.

In fact, every passing day was a nightmarish reminder that my misery continues.

I needed to hack life:

“What is the secret to a life of success, money and happiness?” I thought to myself daily.

One day I found it.

The answer jumped out in my face the moment I asked myself, “whose are you?”

I realised I’m a product of an excellent God. I carry His DNA. And that DNA is excellence personified.

Then it hit me. I’m supposed to be like God. If that’s correct then I should strive for excellence in life and business daily.

A new me was born: a digital entrepreneur in pursuit of excellence.

My Business

Freelance Writing

I write for businesses looking to attract, engage and convert more customers online. My ability to grasp your content requirements, meet and exceed them makes me stand out.

Consider me a business success partner.

In pursuit of excellence blog for small business owners and entrepreneurs

That’s my blog. I created it to share with other business owners and entrepreneurs my journey to achieve excellence in life and business.

I post practical and useful content on achieving excellence in life and business weekly—and readership has been growing week on week.

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